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ZERO HOUR #3: "Zero Hour"

ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #516: "The Hero of Metropolis"

ZERO HOUR #1: "Crisis in Time"

ZERO HOUR #0: "Zero"



ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #528: "Deadly Silence"


ACTION #715: "Doc Parasite"

MAN OF STEEL #51: "The Trial of Superman: Split Personality"

SUPERMAN #107: "The Trial of Superman: Condemned"

STEEL #21: "The Trial of Superman: Stalker"

ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #529: "The Trial of Superman: Jail Break"

OUTSIDERS #24: "The Trial of Superman: One Wedding and A Funeral"

ACTION #716: "The Trial of Superman: Fugitive Justice"

MAN OF STEEL #51: "The Trial of Superman: Wanted"

SUPERMAN #107: "The Trial of Superman: Bottled Up"

ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #530: "The Trial of Superman: Different Demons"

STEEL #22: "The Trial of Superman: Deliverance"

MAN OF TOMORROW #3: "The Trial of Superman: Fighting Back"

ACTION #717: "The Trial of Superman: H'tros City"

MAN OF STEEL #52: "The Trial of Superman: Crime and Punishment"

SUPERMAN #108: "The Trial of Superman: No Escape"

ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #531: "The Trial of Superman: Justice"

STEEL #23: "The Trial of Superman: Wired"

ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #532: "Troubled Waters"

MAN OF STEEL #54: "Ghosts"

ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #533: "Scavenger Hunt"

MAN OF STEEL #55: "Something Fishy"


ACTION #722: "Courageous Intent"

ALPHA CENTURION SPECIAL #1: "Protector of Earth"

FINAL NIGHT #1: "Dusk"

GREEN LANTERN #81: "Funeral For A Hero"

SUPERMAN SPECIAL #1: "The Wedding Album"

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