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Our Mission Statement:
We have joined together to free the DC Comics title "Green Arrow" from it's writerless limbo.

Recently, Jimmy Palmiotti said in a public article on ANOTHER UNIVERSE that "With the second year of Marvel Knights and because of what Kevin said - he wants Joe and I to do it - it won't be happening for another year."

It was also stated that " tell you the truth, I'd rather not even have people get excited about it because they need to focus on Daredevil. The Green Arrow people should just relax for another year or so. Kevin will do it when he's good and ready."

This is totally unacceptable to the Green Arrow fans and there should be no compromise here. The relaunch of GREEN ARROW should NOT be about Kevin and Joe but about two guys named Ollie and Connor. Waiting another year or so is not an option the fans want to hear.

The Green Arrow fans ask that the wheels be set in motion for this title to be in stores for January, 2000. We ask that Kevin Smith either come up with a means to write the series in such a time that it could be released by that deadline or he kindly tell DC Comics that he is no longer interested in the book and he wishes them much luck with the title. He could always find time in another year or so to do a mini-series or guest spot. We ask that DC Comics demand that Kevin Smith write the book in such a time that it could be published soon or drop him from the project and find another capable team with passion, ideas, and zeal to relaunch the title in that time. We know that there are other creators out there that WOULD jump at a chance to do this.

We believe that GREEN ARROW is a quality title with a rich history and deserves better than to be held prisoner until Kevin Smith can free up Joe Quesada, Jimmy Palmiotti and whatever other demands he may think of between now and 2002.

Free Green Arrow!!!

Please join the plight to save Green Arrow and post your views at the newsgroups and at the DC Message Boards, the Unofficial Green Arrow Message Board, and Jonah Weiland's Comicbook Resources (CBR).

Be sure to let Jimmy and Joe know what you think at the Event Comics Message Board.

Also let Kevin Smith know your feelings at his View Askew Message Board.

It is also very important to write many polite snail-mails to DC Comics at the following address:

Mr. Bob Schreck c/o
DC Comics
1700 Broadway
New York, NY 10019

Join us in organizing our campaign at

For information about what plans are in progress or to volunteer your time or resources,