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NIK: What was your inspiration for your very popular decision to start pushing Kon-El & Cassie into a relationship?

PAD: It wasn't any sort of conscious inspiration, so much as it was working on a "juvenile" level with a pairing that many people have mused/written about on an adult level (namely Superman and Wonder Woman.) But between Superboy's cockiness and Cassie's naivite, I figured it would make for some potentially interesting developments.

NIK: What do you feel that Kon-El sees in Cassie and what do you think Cassie sees in Kon-El?

PAD: I'm not sure he sees anything in Cassie yet. I don't even think he's really aware of how she feels about him. And Cassie just thinks he's incredibly cool. I don't think they're remotely at the stage of love.

NIK: What has been the reaction from the editors and writers of SUPERBOY and WONDER WOMAN on this relationship?

PAD: They seem rather willing to play off it, seeing how it develops. Still, as much as the fans are taking this and running with it, I have no intention of turning the book into Young Heroes in Love. The relationships should play a part, but not become THE keynote of the book.

NIK: How much control do you have over this relationship? Could Karl Kesel or Eric Luke essentially kill it?

PAD: Well, it would be more along the lines that the editor of those books would say, "We're squelching it" and I'd have to deal with the fallout. But no one seems moved to do that at this point.

NIK: If you had the chance to write the SUPERBOY or a WONDER GIRL series, would you like too?

PAD: Nah. I'm happy with what I'm doing.

NIK: What makes Superboy a great hero in your mind?

PAD: He's unyielding, determined, and doesn't know when to quit.

NIK: What makes Wonder Girl a great heroine in your mind?

PAD: She's an ordinary girl thrust into extraordinary circumstances and rising to the occasion.

NIK: What do you think makes Young Justice as a team click?

PAD: Well, I put forward a psychological interaction for the original three members. I think what helps the series now is the presence of the girls. Since I have three daughters, I think I'm rather keyed into the way females think (if anyone can be) and they've become sort of my gateway into the series.

NIK: According to Eddie Berganza, you had originally asked for Damage in YJ, but Devin had already chose him 2 days previous. If rumor is true and Damage leaves the Titans, would you have him become a part of the YJ team?

PAD: Not to disagree with Eddie, but I don't recall asking for Damage. The team was already set in stone when I was handed the reins. I believe I asked about Damage's availability since so many fans were asking about him, but was told he was already attached to Titans. I don't know that I'd immediately draft him into YJ though at this point.

NIK: When Empress joins YJ, what new dynamic do you feel will be added to the team?

PAD: Not answering any questions about Empress at the moment.

NIK: How many more members do you plan to join the team?

PAD: I think I'm going to keep it at around six total. Maybe seven, max. I don't want to turn this book into the Legion of Super-Heroes.

NIK: If you had a one-paragraph "mission statement" for Young Justice, what would it be?

PAD: Survive on the newsstand.

NIK: You once compared Bart, Kon-El & Tim to the Freudian archetypes of Id, Ego & Super Ego. What do the girls represent to you?

PAD: Maturity.

NIK: What has been your single biggest struggle on your YJ tenure?

PAD: Meeting my deadlines.

NIK: What has been your single biggest accomplishments on YJ?

PAD: Meeting my deadlines.

NIK: What do you think makes YJ such a successful franchise?

PAD: My endeavors to try and play the characters as close to "real" teenagers a possible.

NIK: If given free editorial rein, what would you change about the title?

PAD: As for what I'd change about the title...nothing, really. I'm happy with the way it's going.

NIK: What is coming up in the next year of YOUNG JUSTICE?

PAD: Oh, heavens, what *isn't* coming up. The rescue of Secret, the introduction of the Point Men, the head to head battle with Old Justice, the Superhero rally in Washington, D.C., the big fifth-week stunt, shocking revelations, a new headquarters, etc.

NIK: Any big YJ things coming up outside of the regular monthly titles (such as one-shots, specials, 80-page giants, crossovers, etc.)?

PAD: The big Sins of Youth storyline is pretty massive.

NIK: Well since "Sins of Youth" is going to be a big event that circles around both Young & Old Justice, can you tell us publishing wise what to expect for that 5th week event?

PAD: You should expect to save up your money over the next few months so you can buy the extra books.

NIK: Thank you again PAD!

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