NIK: What attracted you to Wonder Woman and how did you get the gig?

ERIC: Paul Kupperberg called me after he read Ghost (Dark Horse,) and offered me WW Annual #7 as a try-out issue. Based on that I got the monthly title. I've always enjoyed the character, but Paul's contact is what got me the gig.

NIK: What would you say is your 1 paragraph "mission statement" of WW?

ERIC: To find out who Diana is. That's a little too easy, but she's always been a mystery: how do you write (identify with) the perfect woman? It's an ongoing exploration, but if you get the voice clearly, you've got the book, so that's what I'm aiming for. I also want to focus and simplify, give her a great rogue's gallery, and give her her own Joker or Lex Luthor, which she's never really had, even if some came close. So that's where we're going for now: back to basics to see what makes her tick.

NIK: What, in your mind are the roles of Cassie. Artemis, Donna, & Polly in Diana's book?

ERIC: Artemis is training Cassie for the next generation: the hope for the future. Diana will start to find out about herself through teaching Cassie, but that hasn't started yet. Donna I've given to Devin for Teen Titans, to get her more defined within that book, then I'll take her back at some point, but she's already confusing enough without too many cooks. Polly we'll get to eventually, but for now I need to get Diana right.

NIK: You've shown that you are a fan of a Kal-El/Diana relationship. Since DC will never allow this, what do you think of a (Superboy) Kon-El/Cassie (Wonder Girl) relationship? PAD seems to be pushing that way in Young Justice!

ERIC: He certainly is! I'm going to play with that as part of Cassie's maturing (which she needs to do a lot of before she becomes a true hero! That's what Artemis is there for.)

NIK: Speaking of YJ, do you and PAD talk? Cassie's appearance seems to be quite different in your book than his.

ERIC: We traded emails. The appearance is an artist issue, and I let the editors coordinate that. I concentrate on making her voice the same. Just by its nature, WW is a much more serious book, and Cassie's role in it will be more serious. Still the Superboy attraction is a great element to play around with.

NIK: On appearances, how will Cassie's appearance be changing in the future if at all?

ERIC: Keep your eyes on 154-157! Must... not... reveal... plot!

NIK: Wonder Girl has had on on-again, off-again scheduled mini-series. Now that this is back on the schedule for DC, who will be doing this? What will it be about?

ERIC: It's up to Maureen. I'm concentrating on the monthly, and letting Maureen set up the WG mini. I'll coordinate with whoever does it, of course.

NIK: What crossovers do you have planned in the future?

ERIC: Some exciting things in the air, but nothing solid yet. Adam Hughes and I are cooking up some ideas.

NIK: Who would you say your greatest influences are both in and out of the comics field?

ERIC: Alan Moore, Frank Miller, the usual geniuses. They have shown us the way, and we can only try to follow. Watchmen is pure comic art. Incredible.

NIK: What are your feelings about the change of regular artists on your book?

ERIC: Matthew Clark is doing some great work, with very tight pencils. I have yet to see it inked, but the xeroxes are fantastic. I'm very pleased to have him aboard.

NIK: You've recently sold a program to FOX, tell us all about it please.

ERIC: "Xyber 9" will be on in the Fall on Fox, Saturday morning. The other creators and I are huge fans of Miyazaki (Nausicaa; Princess Mononoke) and tried to bring some of that sensibility to the project. If only a little of that made it onto the screen I'll be happy. The storyline is more epic and dimensional than Saturday morning is used to: characters change, grow, DIE even; I hope we've created something out of the ordinary. The dailies are looking good, with an interesting 2D-3D hybrid that's turning out to be visually exciting. Tune in and see what you think!

NIK: In 30 years, what do you want your WONDER WOMAN writer legacy to be?

ERIC: The guy who introduced the Wonderdome? Actually, it would be to have brought her back to her place as one of the Big Three at DC. I'll shoot for that. By the way, it's a very weird feeling to write a character that's been around before you were born, and will probably be there long after you die.

NIK: Anything else you'd like to say to your fans?

ERIC: Thanks for reading, and for the positive response. WW is different than Ghost, where some people read my work previously, so thanks for sticking with me through the change in tone.

NIK: Thanks for doing this Eric. I really appreciate this and congratulations on the FOX deal and a great run on WW!

ERIC: Thanks for the interview Nik!

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